Reaching Europe through Church Planting

God loves the people of Europe and wants them to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 

We are convinced that the most effective method of evangelism is Church Planting. Through our strategic partnerships with churches, denominations and para-church organizations, Commission Europe is working to help plant 700,000 churches across the continent - 1 Church for every 1,000 people!

The Spiritual condition of Europe:

  • 742 million people in Europe  
  • 72% consider themselves members of "Christian" churches  
  • 4.2% actually follow Christ  
  • 6% are Muslim.  
  • 95.6 % have to be reached –that's 709 million people  
  • Currently 1 gospel-oriented church for every 28,000 people (appr. 26,000 churches)
  • Fewer than 1 in 10 attend any church.

Get connected. 

Make a difference.

You can be a part of reaching Europe for Jesus! 

You can start by signing up for our free newsletter and staying informed of current ministry developments and projects. Then, you can partner with us through praying or giving, as the Lord directs.

Together, we can re-evangelize the continent!